Innovative Civil Engineering Solutions

We all live in a world were any form of disruption is a major issue and dramatically effects our wellbeing. The infrastructures we use on a daily basis, especially rail, roads and highways, constantly need maintaining as they are usually over stressed and constantly in use. This problem also extends to utilities; water, gas and electricity distribution, power stations and marine. Most of these infrastructures, especially within cities and large towns, now can’t cope with the demand and strain put upon them. They are in constant high use, often 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
The net result being that these highly relied upon systems, because of this excessive strain put upon them, have begun to wear and fail at a higher rate and speed than at any time in the past. They now require a higher level of repair and maintenance to keep them operational. The repair and maintenance works required then has to be carried out within less working time often whilst keeping traffic flowing and trains moving and general public and passengers happy. As a result, there is an ever increasing need for high performing products and solutions to achieve the best results within a small window of working time.


There is no need to re-invent the wheel.

Line Worx has ample experience within the rail sector and solving problems. We like to engage with our client’s and go to great lengths to understand their requirements and then use our extensive resources to provide the right solution. Sometimes it’s a matter of designing a completely new and innovative solution other times it’s been a matter of a few tweaks to an existing product to achieve a different outcome, other times it’s just been a matter of sourcing a product that already exists and is being utilized in a different market or country.

Our solutions are based upon achieving and satisfying:

  • Higher Performance
  • Faster installation times
  • Longevity
  • High Quality
  • Innovation
  • Health and Safety Requirements
  • Environmental Requirements
  • Overall cost reduction

Whatever the problem we can look for a solution, we draw on our knowledge and expertise, use our extensive network of partner organisations and come up with an innovative and future-proof solution.

We focus on reducing costs, be that maintenance, man-hours, production costs or replacement expenses we aim to keep all to a minimum, making our product the most logical long-term solution, every time.