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Innovative Civil Engineering Solutions for the Rail Industry

Lineworx Limited specialises in designing and sourcing innovative products to solve ongoing maintenance issues in the UK rail industry. We take the time to understand how our clients prefer to work and how we can help them achieve success in their projects.  Our focus is always to provide our clients with solutions that give due consideration to quality, performance, longevity, installation and maintenance procedures as well as health and safety, environmental impact and overall cost.

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The infrastructures we use daily, especially rail, roads and highways, constantly need maintaining due to the continuous high use and stress that is put upon them, often 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This problem also extends to utilities; water, gas and electricity distribution. Most of these infrastructures, especially within cities and large towns, now cannot cope with the demand and strain put upon them.

These highly relied upon systems, have begun to wear and fail at a higher rate and speed than at any time in the past and require a higher level of repair and maintenance to keep them operational. The repair and maintenance work, associated with keeping these networks going, usually has to be carried out within minimal working time, often whilst keeping traffic flowing and trains moving. As a result, there is an ever-increasing need for high performing products and solutions to achieve the best results within a small window of working time.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to always provide top quality and competitively priced products, along with best possible service with all due care and consideration for our customer’s individual requirements.

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Unit 29, Rowfant Business Centre, Wallage Lane, Rowfant, West Sussex,  RH10 4NQ, UK

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