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Over recent years, our clients have shown the need to replace concrete as a foundation solution. By combining the Anchor Systems (International) Ltd patented Anchor Post foundation solution with bespoke designed metalwork or bracketry, we can achieve many different solutions for a large range of applications. To date, there have been over 40,000 Anchor Posts installed on the London Underground network alone that have been utilised in many ways.

The systems we design and provide using the Anchor Post are easily and rapidly installed using lightweight, hand held installation equipment that is readily available to hire or purchase.



  • No heavy equipment needed

  • Easy to install in hard to access locations

  • Installed using hand held equipment

  • No concrete

  • Rapid installation time 

  • Full Installation can be completed in one visit

  • No excavation or ground displacement

  • 50-year design life

  • A range of systems available

  • Bespoke designs available

  • Training available

  • Installation guides and other relevant documentation available on request


  • Signage posts

  • Track side cable management (CRMS)

  • Cable stiles

  • Lighting and signalling post foundations

  • Embankment steps and walkway foundations

  • Solar panels

  • Shed bases

  • Gabion baskets

  • Fencing posts

  • Barriers

  • Park and playground equipment

  • Rockfall barriers

  • Security fencing

  • Mooring bollards

  • Handrails

  • Park benches

  • Street furniture



As concrete signal posts are failing, due to their service life being exceeded, there is a need to replace these signals and posts with a new system. This replacement process requires the signal head to be located back in the exact position it has always been in. The Telescopic Foundation System was designed specifically to span the existing concrete foundation, that held the old post in place, and span any other known or unknown subterranean obstacle thus allowing the signal head to be placed where it needs to be. This is achieved by having great adjust-ability in the four extendable legs as well as the fixing details. This system has been widely used on the London Underground network.


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