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Safety Lock Off Device: Mission
Safety Lock Off Device Kit

Our Safety Lock off Devices and Cases are a bespoke safety product originally designed for London Underground.

This patented safety device is designed to be used in IMR’s (Interlocking Machine Rooms) by LU engineers to safely lock-off a fuse holder whilst a fuse has been removed. The device is installed to isolate a circuit and stop it being energised accidentally whilst being worked on. Secondly, it reduces the risk of exposure of personnel to live conductive parts by shielding the fuse holder’s exposed metal components. The Safety- Lock Off Device (ZN-SID) therefore dramatically reduces the risk of electric shock when working on circuits.

The kit is supplied with everything required to safely lock-off a circuit and comply with legal requirements and regulations associated with this type of work.

Safety Lock Off Device: Services
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Safety Lock Off Device
Safety Lock Off Device: Welcome
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For further information, or to request our product manual, please contact us.

Safety Lock Off Device: Mission
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